The Beck PRIDE Center
for America's wounded veterans

Because of Beck Foundation’s generosity and concern for America’s wounded veterans, the Beck PRIDE Center is thriving at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. The Beck Foundation’s visionary outlook is represented through the PRIDE acronym, which stands for Personal Rehabilitation, Individual Development and Education. Arkansas State University, a military-friendly institution, is indebted to the Beck Foundation for its support that assists the university with providing educational programs and services that directly benefit our wounded military veterans. Like ASU, the Beck Foundation is dedicated to assisting these individuals to achieve their post-military service goals. – Robert L. Potts
Chancellor, Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Your gift not only strengthens our excellent academic and research programs, it also advances our growing reputation as a dynamic and innovative institution. – Mark Broderick
Vice President of University Development and Alumni Affairs
George Mason University
On behalf of its 131 chapters and colonies throughout North America, Sigma Pi Fraternity International is proud and honored to be a supporter of the Beck Foundation. Our members and alumni, many of whom are veterans, feel the vision and mission of the Beck Foundation to assist veterans when they return home is a noble cause and we pledge our full support. – Mark Briscoe
Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity
The Becks' original concept for a center to address the needs of America’s wounded veterans on a university campus was very perceptive and now serves as a model for other higher education institutions. Everything we continue to see, read and hear validates our work in the Beck PRIDE Center for America’s Wounded Veterans at ASU. We are grateful for their generosity and thank them for their support of our veterans. – Susan Tonymon Director
Beck PRIDE Center for America's Wounded Veterans
College of Nursing and Health Professions, Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, Arkansas
God bless you for helping us reach the people in Haiti. You were a great blessing. – Ronald T. Davidson
President and COO
Gleaning for the World
Thank you so much for your donation to help our Haitian Angels. Please know that you are changing the lives of orphans in Haiti—we hope to have 30 kids by the end of February and your gift helps a lot. – Debbie and Bill Harvey
Helping Haitian Angels
We knew you from the War College days—and Young Hall—but never knew of so many accomplishments. Now we can say 'thank you' for services to so many people, organizations, and churches. – Brigadier General (Ret) Curtis Hoglan and wife Katherine Hoglan
Author of A Country Boy From Pitkin "My Life Story"