The Beck PRIDE Center
for America's wounded veterans

the beck foundation, conceived in 2005, began with one northern virginia family's main goal in mind: to help those who serve our nation and surrounding communities.
Charlotte & Buddy Beck founders

Gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table in 2005, our family paid a special thanks to our Nation's soldiers who were away from home, fighting for our freedom. From that moment forward, the founders of the Beck Foundation, Buddy and

Charlotte Beck, have continued to work hand-in-hand with their children, Michael and Debi, developing a program that would help America's wounded veterans, their great Nation, and the surrounding communities.

In 2007, the Beck Foundation gave a significant grant to conceive the Beck PRIDE Center for America’s wounded veterans. This new program at Arkansas State University was created to provide personal rehabilitation, individual development, and seamless academic and support services to veterans injured during combat service and their family members. Since conception, the Beck PRIDE Center has exponentially grown, providing education, rehabilitation, and reliable support systems to over 80 veterans.

In addition to providing help to America’s wounded veterans, the Beck Foundation also supports various universities and educational institutions, focusing support more specifically through entrepreneurial developments. Through these developments, the Foundation has been able to support a number of programs: Athletics, Visual and Performing Arts, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, and Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. The Beck Foundation has and continues to endow a number of scholarships in the respective fields of study.

As the Beck Foundation grows with each year, it is able to provide more support to a multitude of organizations: local, international, humanitarian, educational, religious, healthcare, military, and government. The Beck family takes pride in serving humanity and proudly cherishes the moment when they decided that helping others was their family business.